Welcome to General Clinic Pattaya

We are not just a clinic we are a small hospital we are a small hospital as we offer 24 hour service, our doctors sleep on the premises and are always available to attend to our patients needs. We never close as we are very mindful of our patients needs and we want to ensure that we are always available for them. General Clinic is conveniently located and has private car parking available for our patients. Our central location also means that the clinic is within walking distance from most areas.


L-Glutathione 500mg/30


Code : 17970
Strenght : 500 mg
Qty : 30
Type : Caps
Dosage : 1x1

Aminotropic Fuel


Code : 5505
Strength : 18 Aminos
Qty : 50
Type : Softgels
Dosage : 1~3

B-Complex and B-12


Code : 193
Strenght : 0
Qty : 250
Type : Tab
Dosage : 1x3

Focus Complex


Code : 14900
Strenght : 0
Qty : 60
Type : Caplets
Dosage : 1x3

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